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Jury Rules Doctor Errors Resulted in Pain, Lost Wages

People in Texas who are facing a surgical procedure often feel a great deal of stress as a result. While almost all such procedures carry some degree of risk, there have been several patients who have suffered unnecessary harm as a result of negligence, specifically in the form of doctor errors. One out-of-state woman has recently won a lawsuit against her doctor, claiming that his actions failed to meet the accepted standard of care, ultimately resulting in additional surgeries.

The woman underwent a hysterectomy in April 2011. During the procedure, she claims that the doctor caused a bowel injury that he failed to recognize during the procedure. The injury resulted in an infection that required surgery to treat. Unfortunately, this surgery proved ineffective, ultimately resulting in additional surgeries and the removal of her colon.

Medical professionals testified during the trial that the doctor had a duty to identify and treat any injuries he caused during the surgery. As a result, the jury agreed, awarding the woman $1.52 million as a result. Representatives for the defendants in the case have announced their intention to appeal the verdict.

While everyone makes mistakes, doctor errors can cause significant harm -- even death -- to patients in Texas and across the country. Those harmed in such a manner often explore their legal options as a result. Often, litigation sparks a close examination of procedures and initiates changes that will help ensure similar harm does not occur in the future. Additionally, a successfully presented case could result in a ruling that helps victims of negligence cope with the financial consequences of their injuries. Consultation service from the Maloney Lawyers is free. Contact us today to get started.