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Lawsuit Claims Surgical Errors Resulted in Additional Surgeries

For many people in Texas, college is a time of physical activity. Many college students devote some of their time to their chosen sport. Unfortunately, one out-of-state student claims that surgery following an injury has prevented her from enjoying the sports that she loves. In fact, her parents argue that surgical errors could have been fatal.

A recently filed lawsuit details the experience of a 23-year-old woman. She claims that she was active, running and playing soccer while in college. However, she required surgery after she tore a ligament in her knee. Following the surgery, she reportedly became concerned when her condition did not approve and she experienced fatigue and pain.

An x-ray performed three days after the surgery allegedly revealed that a surgical sponge had been left inside her knee during the procedure. The lawsuit claims that three more surgeries followed this discovery. She and her family say that she is no longer able to enjoy the same physical activities as before, and the mistake put her life in jeopardy.

Professionals with experience with medical malpractice lawsuits claim that surgeons have the responsibility to ensure that all surgical instruments, including sponges, are removed before closing the site of operation. Failure to do so can result in additional harm to the patient and the need for surgical intervention. Fortunately, victims of surgical errors in Texas have legal options available to them. If it can be proved that they are suffering as a result of a doctor's failure to meet the accepted standard of care, they could receive an award of damages to help them cope with the financial ramifications of such negligence. Consultation service from Maloney Law is free. Contact us today to get started.