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Doctor Errors Lead to Hysterectomy, Lawsuit Claims

Doctors and patients in Texas must be able to have an open dialogue about their hopes and goals for treatment. Once medical care personnel understand how a patient wants to address a medical issue, it is important that those wishes are met unless a medical necessity prevents their success. One out-of-state woman and her husband claims that doctor errors, including the completion of unwanted procedures, ultimately caused the woman to have a hysterectomy.

The woman claims that she first saw the doctor named in the lawsuit in 2008 when she was 43. At that time, she reportedly informed the doctor that she was experiencing problems with both premenstrual syndrome and her menstrual cycle. Because her mother experienced negative side effects after a hysterectomy, she claims she explained to the doctor that she wanted to avoid a hysterectomy.

The woman's issues continued. At her 2010 physical, she claims that she and the defendant discussed two different treatment options. She chose one but claims that when she awoke from the procedure, she discovered that both options had been utilized. Her husband claims that when he joined her in the recovery room, she was still groggy but signing consent papers.

The plaintiff continued to experience problems over the next 15 months. During that time period, she reportedly completed seven antibiotic treatments. She eventually sought the guidance of a different doctor, and it was decided that a hysterectomy was necessary. The lawsuit was originally filed in 2014, but the case was dismissed. The husband and wife have recently refiled their case with an affidavit from a different doctor claiming that the defendant failed to meet the accepted standard of care.

While the vast majority of medical workers in Texas are well-trained professionals, patients could suffer when workers are overworked or distracted. By filing lawsuits, injured parties are better able to put a spotlight on issues that could potentially result in harm, such as doctor errors. If claims of medical malpractice can be proved, those suffering from such negligence could be awarded damages that puts them in a better position to cope with the ramifications of such an act. Consultation service from Maloney Law Group is free. Contact us today to get started.