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Jury Agrees Doctor Errors Contributed to Man's Death

All elements of the body work together in amazing ways in order to function properly, but a change in the body can have devastating implications. As a result, it is necessary for doctors in Texas to consider many different potential scenarios when treating a patient. Failure to do so could result in doctor errors that could easily prove to be fatal. One out-of-state woman claims that one doctor's oversight led to her husband's death. A jury has recently agreed.

The woman claims that her husband underwent a laser procedure performed by the defendant as a result of an enlarged prostate. Approximately a month afterward, the man notified his doctor that he had blood in his urine. He was instructed to go to the emergency room and was eventually admitted to the hospital.

The lawsuit states that the doctor failed to adequately recognize the man's risk for developing blood clots. Because he was set to undergo surgery, anticoagulants could not be prescribed. However, because the man was sedentary -- which increases the risk of developing blood clots -- the woman claims that the doctor should have recognized the man's increased risk and prescribed other methods that could have helped, including the use of support hose or ordering that the patient get up and walk.

Unfortunately, she claims none of these methods were utilized even though the hospital warned the doctor about the man's risk of developing blood clots. While the man was being moved from his bed to a stretcher to go to surgery, a blood clot broke loose and obstructed one of the main arteries leading to the man's lungs. As a result, he passed away.

The woman claims that she and her husband had plans for their future -- he had recently retired, and they had purchased a house large enough to accommodate their grandchildren. She additionally claims that she depended on him due to her own medical issues. After a five day trial, a jury agreed with her claims of negligence, awarding her $3.7 million. While the award will likely do little to lessen her grief, it will help her cope with some of the financial aspects of her loss and hold the doctor accountable for his negligence. Those suffering a loss from doctor errors in Texas also have the option of pursuing damages, which could potentially prevent the same errors from being repeated. Consultation service from Maloney Law is free. Contact us today to get started.

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