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Jury Rules Doctor Errors Caused Man's Death

Most people in Texas who require medical attention in the emergency room are likely aware that they may have to wait a significant period of time before seeing a doctor, depending on their symptoms. However, they expect that they will eventually receive a diagnosis and adequate treatment. Unfortunately, one out-of-state family claims that their loved one never received a diagnosis or treatment and claimed that doctor errors eventually led to the man's death.

The wife of the 63-year-old man reportedly took him to the hospital in February 2011 after he complained of stomach pains. He was examined by his primary care doctor and a gastroenterologist who ordered several tests. Records indicate that the physicians suspected that the man was suffering from pancreatitis, but he never received an official diagnosis.

The man's family members accuse doctors of overlooking a serious condition -- sepsis. He died just days after he was admitted to the hospital. A jury has recently awarded his family $4.6 million as a result of a wrongful death lawsuit. The hospital has said in a statement that it disagrees with the award and plans to request that it be set aside.

Unfortunately, recent news stories indicate that medical malpractice, including doctor errors, may be more problematic than previously thought. Mistakes such as these often leave families in Texas and across the country wondering how they will cope with the financial and emotional fallout of an unexpected loss. Many turn to the civil court for relief. A successfully presented case can result in an award of damages that will not only help families with the financial fallout but could also prompt hospitals to examine their procedures and make appropriate revisions to prevent similar incidents in the future. Consultation service from the Maloney team is free. Contact us today to get started.