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Family Claims Medication Errors Caused Son's Death

There are many families in Texas who are faced with an incredibly important decision -- whether to allow their child to take prescription medication in order to treat sensory processing disorders. One out-of-state family agonized over the decision but ultimately decided to proceed with the medication. Unfortunately, they now believe that medication errors made by the pharmacist led to the boy's death.

The 8-year-old old had already been taking the drug Clonidine when he was switched from tablet form to liquid. Unfortunately, the family claims that the pharmacist mixed the prescription incorrectly, giving the boy 30 milligrams per 2 millimeters instead of .03. Reports indicate that the error caused the boy's brain to swell, and he spent a week in the hospital.

Although he eventually returned home, he died unexpectedly some months later. The family claims that his death was a result of an autoimmune response triggered by the pharmacist's error. The hospital reportedly tested a sample of the prescription, and the resulting report is said to have confirmed the error.

In the meantime, there is no record that the pharmacist was disciplined for the mistake, but a family is now coping with the loss of their son. Fortunately for those suffering from medication errors in Texas, there are legal options that could lead to justice. If medical malpractice claims can be proved in a court, the family could be awarded damages. While such an outcome will not alleviate their feelings of loss, knowing that their actions could prevent others from suffering similarly could provide the grieving family some degree of closure. Consultation service from Maloney Law Firm is free. Contact us today to get started.