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My Registration is Expired – Can I File a Car Accident Claim?

At one point or another, most drivers would probably admit that they let their car registration expire or nearly did. After all, it is simple to forget to notify your local Department of Motor Vehicles that you would like to renew your car’s registration, especially if you aren’t looking forward to paying the fee. Of course, you should renew your car’s registration and get a new tag or sticker whenever it is needed for a few reasons, including keeping things simple in case you’re ever in a car accident.

When someone with an expired registration gets into an accident, they can sometimes worry that they aren’t allowed to file a claim. Dishonest insurance companies might even lead drivers to believe as much, even though it is not true.

Your valid or expired car registration does not have an immediate bearing over your car accident claim and its proceedings. You can file an injury claim against anyone who causes an accident and hurts you.

Why Would Registration Matter?

The only reason why an expired car registration might matter in some cases is that it could indicate that you no longer have auto insurance coverage. Insurance companies are not obligated to offer a policy renewal if your registration is expired. If you are partially liable for the accident, then your lack of insurance could be a serious problem.

However, you can’t suddenly lose insurance coverage in the middle of your policy’s term because you forgot to renew your registration. If that were the case, then countless people would have lapses in their insurance coverage each year just because they forgot to send a letter to the DMV or log onto the website.

Why can your policy be canceled mid-policy?

· You were only approved for coverage because you fraudulently filled out the application form.

· You have not paid your monthly premiums and were warned that it would soon cause a policy cancelation.

· Your driver’s license expires, or you are otherwise rendered unable to legally drive for the rest of the policy’s term.

Again, having an expired registration sticker on your license plate is not a valid reason to end your insurance coverage. Don’t let another driver’s insurer convince you otherwise while trying to convince you to give up on your claim.

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