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When Should My Doctor Perform an Emergency C-Section?

One of the most important things a doctor can do to keep you and your baby safe during your pregnancy is to monitor. When a doctor monitors your pregnancy for irregular fetal heart rate and other problems, they recognize the need for emergency actions.

Performing an emergency cesarean section is one way a doctor can keep you and your baby safe from harm should complications arise. However, when your doctor doesn’t recognize the need for this type of procedure, your baby may experience birth injuries. Here are some of the times when an emergency C-section may be necessary:

Prolonged Labor

The longer labor lasts, the more risks there are of a birth injury. Prolonged labor can lead to significant complications, so doctors may make the decision to perform a cesarean section. If your labor is not progressing as it should, the safest way to deliver your baby may be a cesarean section.

Dangerous Positioning

If your baby is in an unsafe position as you get closer to delivery (feet first towards the birth canal), it can lead to potential injury. A cesarean section would be the safest way to deliver a baby in a breech position, especially when you are pregnant with more than one baby.

Fetal Distress

In some cases, a cesarean section may be necessary prior to labor beginning. If a doctor recognizes your baby is experiencing distress, he or she may want to perform a cesarean section to deliver your baby early. For instance, if your baby’s heart rate is elevated because of another complication, a C-section may be necessary.

If your doctor wrongfully performs a C-section or fails to monitor and recognize the need for a C-section, they can cause significant harm. Our San Antonio birth injury attorneys at Maloney Law Group, P.L.L.C. will be by your side to help you recognize your rights and safeguard your ability to move forward.

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