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Appellate Court Decision Reinstates Hospital Negligence Lawsuit

Few things are more stressful than long-term hospitalization due to ongoing health problems. Knowing that that they are receiving quality medical care provides some degree of solace to those in such situations in Texas. Unfortunately, one out-of-state woman claims that hospital negligence and doctor errors ultimately caused her significant harm when she was hospitalized.

According to court document, the woman was admitted to the hospital in Feb. 2009 due to ongoing issues with pneumonia. She remained hospitalized for approximately a month. About halfway through her stay, she reportedly suffered a stroke. The day after the stroke, she underwent surgery in order to remove a blood cut, but she reportedly suffered significant injuries, including vision and cognitive losses and the inability to walk without assistance

The initial lawsuit was filed in June 2011 against the doctor and hospital, claiming that the defendants did not intervene after the stroke in a timely manner. The hospital's motion to be dismissed from the lawsuit was granted in 2014. However, an appellate court has recently reinstated the case by ruling that the trial court made the decision to dismiss in error.

While this alleged incident occurred out-of-state, people in Texas are also suffering as a result of hospital negligence. Many cases of medical malpractice create the need for ongoing medical interventions and often prevent the victims from returning to work. As a result, victims often face significant financial consequences in addition to physical suffering. A successfully presented lawsuit could result not only in relief from these financial burdens but could also protect future patients from suffering similar harm. Consultation service from Maloney Law is free. Contact us today to get started.