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Hospital Negligence Led to Amputation According to Lawsuit

Many car accidents result in injuries that require immediate medical attention. If necessary care is not provided, an injured victim in Texas can suffer serious consequences. For example, one out-of-state man claims that hospital negligence in the form of a lack of a timely action resulted in the amputation of his leg.

Court papers indicate that the 46-year-old man was struck by a car just after 6 a.m. one morning. Emergency responders were reportedly on scene within minutes and transported the man to the hospital. Doctors quickly determined that his leg was cold, and there was no blood flowing to it. A CT scan confirmed that he needed immediate surgical intervention to prevent an amputation.

However, the hospital allegedly did not have appropriate staff on hand to conduct the surgery and contacted a different hospital; when no one answered the phone at the second facility, workers at the first left a message. It wasn't until almost 8 hours after the accident that the man was transported. Unfortunately, workers at Coney Island Hospital, the place he was originally treated, allegedly failed to include test results from a CT scan. Repeating the test further delayed the surgery. His lawsuit claims that as a result of the delay, he lost his leg.

A representative for the man claims that his injuries required immediate medical attention and cited the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine as supporting the need for quick surgical intervention for injuries such as this. The man's accusations follow several citations made against the hospital after it failed to treat a woman's brain infection, claiming instead that she suffered from emotional issues. Even a single instance of hospital negligence is too much, but there are many people in Texas suffering as a result of inaction just as this man is. A successfully presented medical malpractice lawsuit often results in a monetary award to help cope with the financial repercussions of such harm but also typically prompts an internal review that could result in revisions in protocols to protect others. Consultation service from Maloney Law is free. Contact us today to get started.