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Woman's Death Potentially Case of Wrongful Death

A variety of different patients seek treatment at medical care facilities in Texas every day. The patients range in age, race and overall physical conditions. Regardless of these factors, however, all patients should be confident that they will receive quality medical care. Unfortunately, a recent lawsuit filed in another state claims that negligence on the part of medical personnel may potentially be a case of wrongful death after an elderly woman died.

The women, who died in Nov. 2013, was 93 at the time of her death. Reports indicate that she sought treatment at a hospital due to stomach pain. A lawsuit filed as a result of her death claims that a nurse who treated the woman made several mistakes, including failing to assess her pain level as well as failing to notify other medical care providers that she had administered a powerful combination of morphine and dilaudid, pain medications.

Unfortunately, the woman died after she stopped breathing. Official reports indicate that she died as a result of respiratory failure. An investigation conducted by the Department of Health in California found that the hospital was at fault as a result of improper procedures in place.

A representative for the woman's daughter declined to comment on the amount of damages being sought. However, he claims that one of the goals of the lawsuit is to prevent similar deaths in the future. In fact, many people suffering as a result of a wrongful death caused by medical malpractice in Texas have taken similar action in the pursuit of justice following the unexpected and likely preventable death of their loved ones. Get your consultation with our medical malpractice lawyer San Antonio by calling us at (210) 361-2997.