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Lawsuit Alleging Doctor Errors Ends with $4.25 Million Settlement

It is amazing to think of how the advancements in medical treatments have improved the lives of people in Texas. Despite these advancements and the knowledge about certain pregnancy-related conditions, doctor errors can still have serious consequences for pregnant women and their unborn children. For example, a recent lawsuit claims that doctors' failure to monitor a pregnant woman's condition led to the deaths of her unborn twins.

The woman claims that she was almost 35 weeks pregnant with twins in March 2009. She has accused two doctors of failing to adequately monitor her for signs of a potentially life-threatening condition call preeclampsia. This condition is often marked by high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, she claims that, presumably as a result of her undiagnosed condition, she suffered a seizure, resulting in the detachment of her placenta. The babies were stillborn at birth. The hospital recently settled the resulting medical malpractice lawsuit for $4.25 million. While most settlements of this nature are sealed, a judge has denied a request made by the defendants in this case to keep the conditions of the settlement private. The plaintiff in the case has agreed to split the award with the father of the twins.

During pregnancy, expectant parents have a certain vision regarding their future family. The vast majority of parents in Texas, however, do not factor in the potential impact of doctor errors on their lives. Many who suffer from medical malpractice choose to take similar action as this mother -- they seek to hold responsible parties accountable for their actions by filing a civil lawsuit. Such action could potentially prevent the same mistakes from being repeated in the future. Get a consultation with our medical malpractice lawyer San Antonio by calling us at (210) 361-2997.