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Lawsuit Claims Doctor Errors Led to Permanent Damage; Jury Agrees

Each person's body reacts differently to an injury. If a complication arises, symptoms of that complication may not present the same in each person. As a result, doctors in Texas must be prepared to look for all possibilities when it comes to patients in their care. One man and his wife claim that the doctor treating him after an injury failed to diagnose his condition. These doctor errors, a lawsuit claims, ultimately led to permanent damage.

The man was transported to the hospital by helicopter in Feb. 2011 after he fell onto concrete from 16 feet in the air. He suffered an injury to his leg and left arm in the fall. Unfortunately, he began to experience severe pain in his left hand on the second night of his stay in the hospital.

Although his wife informed medical care personnel about her husband's pain, he wasn't seen by the doctor for over six hours. The next morning, a supervising surgeon discovered that his hand was completely numb and that he had developed compartment syndrome which prohibited blood flow to his hand. The man, who has been unable to work for the last four years, claims that his hand is now permanently damaged and has only limited use.

A jury has recently agreed with the claims made by the man and his wife and awarded them $1.57 million in damages. A spokesperson for the hospital continues to assert that the care provided was adequate. However, they do not plan to appeal the verdict.

While medical malpractice is rare, the ramifications of doctor errors such as this are often far reaching. In addition to physical pain, many victims find themselves struggling with medical bills and unable to work, resulting in lost wages. Many victims in Texas choose to seek relief from the financial ramifications of such negligence by pursuing damages in a civil court. Consultation service from the Maloney Team is free. Contact us today to get started.

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