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Mild Brain Injuries May Have Lasting Consequences for Women, Study Finds

In a recent study, researchers discovered that women brain injury victims may suffer from memory problems for a longer period of time than men.

When Texas accident victims sustain a brain injury, the consequences they experience often depend on the cause, location and severity of the trauma, states the Brain Injury Association of America. However, gender may also play a role in the consequences brain injury victims suffer from. According to a recent study, women who sustain mild traumatic brain injuries may have a harder time recovering than men and may also suffer from memory problems for a longer period of time, states Today.

How the study was conducted

This study involved 30 patients with concussions and 30 participants who did not have a mild TBI. Both of these groups included an equal number of men and women. Those who had a concussion were required to take neuropsychological tests and have a functional MRI done shortly after the initial head trauma, a month later and then once again six weeks after that. The volunteers who did not have a TBI only had one MRI done and were also required to take the neuropsychological tests.

After reviewing the first set of functional MRI scans, the researchers noticed that there were differences in the area of the brain that contains the working memory circuits between the volunteers and the TBI patients. By the time the second set of MRI scans were produced, the researchers found that the brains of the male TBI patients were much more similar to the healthy male participants than the female TBI patients' brains. This finding suggests that the female participants' brains had failed to heal all the way.

What happens during a mild brain injury?

When a mild brain injury occurs, the brain may twist or move around in a way that causes the brain matter to shift within the skull. Sometimes, this movement can cause the neural cells in the brain to stretch, squeeze or tear, states the BIAA. After initially suffering from a mild TBI, a victim may experience several early symptoms, such as:

  • Dizziness and vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Memory problems
  • A lack of awareness of his or her surroundings

Following the initial trauma, a TBI victim may experience a number of different consequences. These may include persistent, low-grade headaches, a compromised ability to concentrate and a loud ringing sound in the ears. A TBI victim may also become depressed and have a difficult time tolerating loud noises and frustrating situations.

Turn to an attorney

While some TBI victims in Texas may recover from the effects of the trauma fairly quickly, others will experience consequences from the brain injury for the rest of their life. If you suffered from a brain injury in an accident, call the attorneys at the Maloney Law Group to determine what legal steps you should take next.