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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Alleges Death Could Have Been Prevented

Regardless of the type of medical intervention a patient in Texas needs, there is always some degree of risk involved. As a result, doctors must be especially concerned about complications arising from an invasive procedure, especially following a major surgery. Unfortunately, a recently filed wrongful death lawsuit alleges that a doctor did not take appropriate actions regarding a patient, resulting in his death.

The lawsuit names both the estate of the doctor, who has since passed away, as well as the hospital where the 35-year-old patient was treated. According to court documents, the doctor removed the now-deceased patient's right kidney in April 2015. The man's wife claims that there was clear evidence that her husband was bleeding internally, including advice from additional medical care professionals urging the doctor to intervene.

However, there was no intervention, and the man ultimately went into cardiac arrest. He did again while being transported to a different facility and was pronounced dead when he arrived at the new hospital. The lawsuit claims that had the doctor performed additional surgery, the patient would still be alive today.

Unfortunately, people in Texas are also suffering from the unexpected loss of a loved one due to mistakes made by doctors and other medical professionals. While there is nothing to ease the grief experienced after such an incident, a successfully presented wrongful death lawsuit could result in an award of damages that allows surviving family members to successfully cope with the financial ramifications of their loss. Such action has the potential of ensuring that similar mistakes are not repeated. Consultation service from the Maloney Attorneys is free. Contact us today to get started.