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Toddler's Death a Potential Wrongful Death Case

It is common for people in Texas to be nervous about an impending dentist appointment. While this apprehension may have some validity, most people do not actually fear for their life while undergoing routine dental procedures. Unfortunately, the unthinkable has happened to one family when their young toddler died while reportedly undergoing such a procedure. The family may now be considering whether a wrongful death lawsuit is appropriate.

The incident occurred in late March. Those close to the family claim that the 14-month-old girl had a cavity that needed to be filled. Likely because of her age, doctors recommended that she be put under anesthesia for the procedure. However, reports indicate that she stopped breathing during the procedure.

She was rushed to a hospital by ambulance, but doctors were unable to save her. She died approximately two hours after being transferred. Her cause of death has not been released. The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners has launched an investigation into the incident,which is standard procedure after a tragedy such as this.

While this Texas family is going through the unthinkable, there are others who are suffering similarly. Despite the training and experience that some doctors have, a mistake or miscalculation can have significant consequences. For those who have lost a family member in such a manner, a wrongful death lawsuit may be an appropriate option to both ensure that they can cope with the financial consequences of their loss and also prevent others from suffering similarly in the future.

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