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Lawsuit Claims Doctor Errors Caused Man's Death

When a loved one is ill, many people in Texas are willing to go to great lengths in order to help improve that person's health. For some, this could include undergoing a live organ donor procedure. One man decided to make this sacrifice to help his ill father. Unfortunately, a recently filed lawsuit claims that doctor errors ultimately cost the donor his life.

Court records indicate that the procedure occurred in April 2015. Following the procedure, the 40-year-old man suffered from significant internal bleeding. Unfortunately, the bleeding could not be controlled, and he died the day following the surgery.

An autopsy revealed that the bindings used on an artery during the removal of the kidney failed, causing the bleeding. The man's father -- whose surgery was performed by a different team of doctors -- went on to fully recover. Representatives for the man's family claim that the his death was caused by the doctor's negligence.

Unfortunately, what was a selfless act on the part of the man turned into his final one, leaving his family members attempting to cope with their grief. In many cases, those who believe that their loss could have been prevented makes coping with the loss even more difficult. While most medical workers are well-trained professionals, doctor errors have caused serious harm to patients in Texas, sometimes even resulting in death as allegedly occurred in this case. By filing a civil lawsuit, family members can receive an award of damages to help with the financial consequences of their loss if negligence is proved, and such action could also help prevent future incidents.