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Woman Claims Doctor Errors Caused Lifelong Damage

Those wishing to become doctors must complete extensive medical training. When their training is complete, their decisions can mean the difference between life and death for their patients. As many people in Texas are aware, doctor errors can have lasting consequences. One out-of-state woman has recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor who treated her during and after the delivery of her baby.

Court papers indicate that labor was induced in July 2013. As a result of complications that occurred during delivery, she claims she suffered a serious bacterial infection. The doctor -- and defendant -- ordered that a PICC line be inserted to deliver two antibiotics, Cefotan and Gentamicin, intravenously.

As part of her course of treatment, she was to be administered the drugs at home by Gentiva Health Services, which is also a defendant in the case. However, she claims that Gentiva taught the woman's husband to administer the drugs rather than having a registered nurse do so. Additionally, the lawsuit argues that because the doctor -- who is also an Alabama state senator -- failed to order testing to monitor the level of Gentamicin in her system. As a result, she developed Gentamicin toxicity, which she claims resulted in the need for additional medical testing and treatment. The unsafe antibiotic levels, she asserts, have caused permanent damage.

Caring for a newborn while recovering from delivery is difficult. Experiencing additional problems as a result of doctor errors could make what should be joyous a time into a time filled with stress and pain instead. People in Texas who are suffering as a result of mistakes made by doctors may be suffering in similar manners. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, as this woman has done, could make it easier to cope with the consequences of such negligence if such a claim can be proved. Consultation service from the Maloney team is free. Contact us today to get started.

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