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Admitting Medical Mistakes: Does That Need to Be Applauded?

It is far from a well-kept secret that medical personnel and facility administrators are often highly averse to admitting medical error, much less proactively divulging the details regarding mistakes leading to patient harm to the general public.

Many commentators on the medical industry have long argued that this shroud of silence damages credibility and, even more importantly, lets certain types of errors continue unabated. Further still, bad doctors continue to practice medicine and inflict harm on patients without sanctions when botched surgeries and other acts of hospital negligence are not brought to light.

And, most fundamentally of course, patients lack meaningful remedies against preventable medical harm when material details concerning its occurrence are intentionally obscured from a purposeful review.

A recent media article lauds instances in which medical authorities own up to mistakes by publicly acknowledging them and offering apologies to victims and their families.

Although that is certainly a commendable thing to do, and a salutary development in the medical industry, it begs the question of why being open and candid about mistakes that harm patients -- and far too often take their lives -- is something to be applauded.

Shouldn't it be flatly expected, and in every case?

One health care executive says that, "We're entering an era where it's no longer acceptable to remain silent."

Any reasonable person in Texas or else across the country would emphatically agree with that statement, but would also go on to ask this question: When was it ever reasonable to remain silent? Consultation service from the Maloney attorneys is free. Contact us today to get started.