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Epidural Errors and Malpractice

When an expecting mother goes into labor, they may receive an offer for an epidural. This is regional anesthesia that can help ease the pain associated with labor and delivery. However, it’s critical to know that errors can arise in very rare instances. When they do, the mother and baby may be at risk of severe damage.

Our team at Maloney Law Group, P.L.L.C. works to help our clients understand what errors can arise and the damage they can cause.

Most Common Epidural Error

The biggest problem that can arise with an epidural is if the anesthesiologist or doctor doesn’t check the patient’s background. The patient may have a condition that would not cooperate reasonably with the epidural. If this happens, the anesthesiologist can cause severe damage.

Another error can arise if the epidural is administered incorrectly.

The epidural can cause significant problems for the mother. However, the baby may also suffer injuries that can include heart problems or brain damage.

Damages That Can Arise

Damages can include infections and nerve damage, but if the doctor makes a mistake, it can lead to further problems. A dural puncture can arise when the injection punctures the spinal cord’s outer layer. As a result, fluid can leak and cause a severe headache. If left untreated, this situation can become fatal.

Another potential problem that can arise is nerve damage. Long-term effects can include:

  • Lifelong pain
  • Neuropathy
  • Paralysis
  • Respiratory diseases

Mother and baby can suffer severe injuries when a doctor or other medical professional is negligent.

While epidural errors are rare, they can happen. It’s vital to recognize how to prove malpractice. Working with a lawyer can help you!

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