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Nursing Home Resident and Responsible Party Rights

Know Your Rights as a San Antonio Nursing Home Resident

When a loved one is moving into a nursing home, things are often rushed, confusing, and can be overwhelming for family members and residents alike. You may wonder what your rights are as a family member or loved one, and what the rights of residents include. Our team of San Antonio nursing home neglect attorneys has compiled a list of general rights for both responsible parties and residents of nursing homes. At Maloney Law Group, P.L.L.C., we care about you and your loved one and we protect those who have been wronged by nursing home staff or management. We understand that elder abuse is a significant problem and that victims deserve compensation, as well as justice.

Your Rights as a Resident or Responsible Party

Nursing home residents and their responsible parties have legally outlined rights and protections. As the loved one of a nursing home resident, your role, and right, is to protect their rights, to advocate for them when they cannot do so for themselves, and to make sure that medical and financial provisions and management is protected.

Resident rights include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The right to a home-like environment, with assistance and independence as medically deemed necessary, and as much comfort as possible.
  • The right to privacy and to retain personal belongings, as long as they do not harm or interfere in the care of other residents.
  • The right to manage your own money or to entrust a loved one to do so for you.
  • The right to be treated with dignity and respect
  • The right to full disclosure, in writing, of fees and services prior to entering the nursing home.
  • The right to doctor visits, medications, and to be informed of your medical condition, including the right to refusal of medical treatments or medications.
  • The right to have choices about scheduling, activities, and preferences such as waking and sleeping, meal times and other personal activities.

San Antonio Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers Protect Your Rights

If your loved one is experiencing abuse, neglect, or is otherwise being deprived of their rights in a nursing home, you have a right to protect them. Our team of San Antonio nursing home neglect attorneys can help you stand up for your loved on and make sure that your rights, and theirs, are not taken advantage of. We understand that entrusting a nursing home to care for your family member or loved one is stressful and that any abuse or neglect is a very serious matter. Put our team of knowledgeable and confident lawyers in your corner and let us help you fight for your loved one when they can’t fight for themselves.

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