Nighttime drivers are more likely to be injured or killed in a car accident when compared to daytime motorists.

While many motorists in San Antonio may feel comfortable driving at night, nighttime driving poses a considerable risk to all drivers on the road. Not only is it more difficult for motorists to see in the dark, but there are a number of hazards that people should look out for when navigating the roads at night. According to the National Safety Council, people are three times more likely to be involved in a deadly car accident than they are during the day. Drivers who understand these risks may be able to prevent themselves from becoming victimized by a negligent driver.

Driving blind

Reduced driver visibility is one of the most common causes of nighttime collisions, according to Although most people experience decreased vision in the dark, this problem is even more predominant in people who have existing eye conditions, such as cataracts or peripheral vision loss. Elderly people may also have difficulty seeing at night, as their eyes may have trouble accommodating in low-light conditions.

Due to poor lighting and a decreased ability to see, drivers may struggle to perceive the distance and speed of oncoming cars. As a result, a vehicle could pull out in front of a car and cause a catastrophic accident.

Excessive glare from bright headlights can cause temporary blindness to approaching drivers. Motorists are encouraged to refrain from looking directly at oncoming headlights in order to avoid being subjected to headlight glare.

Hazardous drivers

Studies show that when the sun goes down, more negligent drivers fill the roads. There may be more intoxicated drivers who have left bars and clubs and are traveling home. In addition to more drunk drivers, a greater number of fatigued motorists are struggling to keep awake while behind the wheel. Distracted motorists are even more dangerous at night, as it can take longer for them to react to certain driving hazards, such as objects in the road, pedestrians, bicyclists, traffic signals, crosswalks and other reckless drivers.

How to stay safe

People who plan on driving after night falls should make sure they are fully rested before setting out. Motorists should remain cautious at all times and keep free from distractions, such as cellphones and navigation devices. It is important that motorists avoid speeding, wear their seatbelts and make sure that their vehicles are in proper working condition.

When to call an attorney

If you have been involved in a tragic vehicle accident caused by a negligent nighttime driver, you may want to seek counsel from an experienced attorney in Texas. A personal injury lawyer may have the answers to your legal questions and could potentially point you in the right direction when it comes to creating a solid legal case.

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