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Hospital Negligence Allegations Settled for $1.3 Million

For most parents in Texas, seeing their young child struggle with an illness creates a feeling of helplessness. Their only option is to place the health of their child into the hands of medical care professionals. While most professionals are well-trained and ensure their patients receive the best possible care, a lawsuit against the federal government claims that hospital negligence at a facility in another state led to the death of an infant.

The parents of the 4-month-old infant took her to the emergency room at a military hospital in Oct. 2012. They claim that she was struggling to breathe and had an upper respiratory infection. Unfortunately, the baby died just a few days later. The parents had been informed that she suffered from irreversible brain damage, and they opted to remove life support.

Last year, the baby's parents filed a lawsuit against the government as a result of the baby's death. They claim that her death was caused by negligence, including the use an oxygen mask that did not fit the baby's face. Although the government admits no wrongdoing, it has opted to settle the case for $1.3 million. The Justice Department must approve the settlement to finalize it.

As many parents in Texas know, the unexpected loss of a young child is never easy. For many people, believing that their loss was a result of hospital negligence and possibly preventable only heightens their sense of loss. A medical malpractice lawsuit in a case such as this can not only hold responsible parties liable and help with expenses, but it can also provide a grieving family move forward. While nothing can erase their grief, knowing that their actions may protect others in the future could provide some peace of mind.

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