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Medical Malpractice: Why a Strong Legal Response Is Important

Medical malpractice is an often centrally featured topic in media stories in Texas and across the country, and for this good reason: Notwithstanding the sophistication inherent in modern medicine and the constantly evolving technology that marks the medical industry, preventable medical harm continues to emerge with startling regularity.

There are myriad studies to support that, accompanied by eye-popping statistics underscoring the commonality of negligence and resulting patient harm resulting from it, and we will likely visit some of those reports in upcoming posts.

Today, though, we focus generally on the topic of hospital negligence and the types of medical malpractice acts and omissions that often surface during care delivery to undermine patients' reasonable expectations regarding medical outcomes.

As virtually any primer on medical malpractice readily notes, and as we recount on the San Antonio Hospital Negligence page of our website at Maloney Law Group. P.L.L.C., the sources of medical malpractice are varied and wide-ranging.

Surgical error is obviously a recurrent negligence-related concern. Many things can go wrong during an operation. Most notably, perhaps, are so-called "never events" marked centrally by things such as:

  • Wrong-site
  • Wrong-procedure
  • Wrong-patient surgeries

Sponges and surgical tools are sometimes left inside patients' bodies.

Misdiagnosis is also an oft-cited problem, resulting from delayed or flatly missed diagnoses. Medication errors are also an obvious and ongoing concern, as are facility-acquired infections resulting from questionable hygiene and other causes.

Notwithstanding the arguments of some doctors, medical groups and malpractice tort reformers, no reasonable person demands that medical practitioners be infallible as they go about their work.

What is certainly reasonable, though, is the expectation that medical providers practice medicine competently and pursuant to the general standard of care that is common in their industry.

As is often noted, preventable medical harm is especially egregious because, by definition, it does not occur absent the negligent practice of medicine.

Our law firm proudly and diligently represents clients who have been injured by shoddy medical care. Securing meaningful recoveries for them helps their families in an immediate and important way and also helps deter additional acts of negligence by identifying substandard care and helping to prevent its recurrence. Consultation service from Maloney Law Firm is free. Contact us today to get started.