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What Are the Most Common Epidural Complications?

When a mother is set to give birth, they can experience a lot of pain. Many women choose to receive an epidural, which is used to help relieve some of the pain the mother may experience. An injection goes into the pain signals, preventing your body from telling your brain that you are enduring pain.

While this is generally risk-free, there are some side effects and complications that may arise because of the medication. Common side effects can include nausea, fever, and low blood pressure. However, the rare side effects can have a severe impact on the mother.

Severe Side Effects to Know

Epidurals can result in:

  • Breathing issues. The medication used to relieve pain can result in slowed breathing. Depending on the mother’s health, it could worsen and lead to more problems.
  • Severe headaches. If the epidural punctures the spinal cord, it could lead to severe problems and ongoing headaches.
  • Infections. Because an epidural punctures the skin, it leaves the body susceptible to infections, especially if the needle is not sterile.
  • Nerve damage. If the epidural hits a nerve, it can cause damage. As a result, the mother may experience weakness or numbness in certain parts of their body.
  • Seizures. In rare instances, epidurals can trigger seizures, which can damage other parts of your body.

If you suffer harm because of an error during the epidural process, know that you have rights. Working with a lawyer can help you safeguard your rights.

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