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Can a Midwife Be Held Accountable for Malpractice?

When we discuss birth injuries and the responsibility of doctors to provide a safe delivery, it doesn’t always pertain to those in a hospital. In many situations, expecting mothers choose to have a midwife for care before, during, and after birth. Unfortunately, problems can still arise, and mothers and babies can still suffer significant harm.

At Maloney Law Group, P.L.L.C., we aim to provide you with valuable information regarding your legal rights and options. Below, we will discuss malpractice claims involving midwives and what you can do if you or your baby suffers harm.

Malpractice and Midwives

Malpractice claims involving midwives often have the same factors as cases involving doctors, nurses, and hospitals. Midwives are often licensed professionals with insurance policies, and birth injury claims remain relevant. Midwife malpractice claims include the following:

  • The midwife owes the mother and baby a duty of care.
  • The midwife can fail to meet the standard of care if they don’t monitor the situation carefully.
  • The midwife can be sued if their negligence and failure cause injuries.

Midwife malpractice claims have timelines that must be met in order to be considered valid. However, it’s vital to speak with a lawyer before moving forward. A lawyer can help you understand how these cases differ from others and when you can file a lawsuit to seek maximum compensation.

Not all midwives carry insurance, nor do they have the personal assets to pay for damages in a lawsuit. It’s vital to pick a midwife carefully by checking for their history and discovering if they have insurance. If a midwife makes a mistake, you deserve to know your rights.

At Maloney Law Group, P.L.L.C., we look out for your rights. Our San Antonio birth injury attorneys have the experience and knowledge to explain your options every step of the way. Let us give you a voice and look out for your family.

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