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Doctor errors cited in medical malpractice lawsuit

For many patients in Texas, a report of no masses detected on a mammogram is a relief. However, a recent out-of-state case may leave many patients wondering whether their results were accurately interpreted. A lawsuit recently filed by a deceased patient's husband claims that doctor errors in regard to a mammogram ultimately lead to a situation that made the patient's chance of surviving cancer impossible.

According to reports, the woman went to Metro Imaging, also named in the lawsuit, for a mammogram in Oct. 2014. The doctor reportedly found no masses at the time; however, the lawsuit claims a mass on the woman's right breast was overlooked. The plaintiff argues that this oversight was due to misuse of equipment that made the images difficult to read.

The woman returned to Metro Imaging for more tests in June 2015. At that time, it was discovered that she had an enlarged liver and multiple masses. Further testing revealed masses that had spread to her liver and lymph nodes. Although she underwent chemotherapy, she died shortly thereafter at the age of 62.

The lawsuit admits that it is impossible to know whether an earlier diagnosis would have saved the woman's life; however, it asserts that the doctor errors made it impossible for her to win her fight against cancer. In the meantime, a family is coping with the death of their loved one. Many in Texas who are suffering as a result of a missed or delayed diagnosis are also likely familiar with the potentially devastating effects of such an oversight. Successfully navigating a medical malpractice lawsuit can help hold those who provided negligent care accountable.

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