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Leading Cause of Car Accidents in Texas

Leading Cause of Car Accidents in Texas

Car accidents are tragic and extremely unfortunate events that take place far too often. In some cases, car accidents can be easily avoided by practicing safe driving and staying alert. Here are some statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation of the leading causes of car accidents here in Texas.

Failing to Control Speed

It is important to maintain a constant speed while driving. This creates a steady flow of traffic and can reduce car accidents. Speed limits are set to ensure safety. Cars that are going over the speed limit may have a hard time keeping control of the vehicle, and cars that are going below the speed limit are also a danger to the flow of traffic.

Distracted Driving

This can include a lot of different aspects. Eating while driving, loud music playing, lots of friends in the car and use of your phone or other electronics can all fall under this category. When behind the wheel, all of the driver’s attention needs to be devoted to the road.

Drunk Driving

According to The Right Step a person is hurt or killed every 20 minutes as a result of drunk driving in the state of Texas. Drunk driving isn’t just reckless and selfish, it’s illegal! According to Texas law having a BAC (blood-alcohol concentration) of 0.08 is considered intoxicated.

Failure to Yield

Yielding is a common driving rule that people tend to ignore. Failing to yield on a left turn and failure to yield at a stop sign are two of the most common yield-related accidents. Following these simple driving laws can make a significant difference of accidents each year.

Switching Lanes

Drivers who unnecessarily switch lanes are causing more traffic and creating an unsafe driving environment. It is important to stay inside of your lane while driving and to only switch lanes when you know it is 100% safe. Put your blinker on first, and make sure to double check your mirrors and blind spots.


It is important to respect each other’s’ space while driving. Don't follow someone too closely because you can't predict the actions of other drivers, and you might not have enough time to react.

Following driving laws are an easy way to avoid car accidents. Don’t be in a hurry and avoid road rage. Remember that you are operating heavy machinery and your life, as well as others on the road, are at risk. If you or someone you love has been in a car accident as a result of someone else's negligence, contact a lawyer that will help you navigate your auto accident case. Consultation service from the Maloney Lawyers is free.

Leading Causes of Car Accidents in San Antonio, Texas

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