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Medication Errors: Drug During Pregnancy Caused Syndrome

For parents in Texas who are expecting a new child, there are multiple issues that cause them concern. However, most have faith that the physicians who treat them are aware of the potential consequences of certain medications during a pregnancy. Unfortunately, one out-of-state family claims that medication errors caused their child to suffer a medical condition that will have lifelong medical complications.

In a recently filed lawsuit filed against an arthritis specialist, a woman claims that the doctor prescribed her methotrexate before and during her pregnancy. The company that manufactures the medicine warns that the drug should not be prescribed to women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. As a result, the lawsuit claims that her child, now 2 years old, suffers from methotrexate syndrome.

According to the claim, the methotrexate depleted the folic acid needed during the pregnancy. As a result, the toddler's skull will not grow to accommodate her growing soft tissues, including her brain. Although she has undergone four surgeries and is set to undergo a fifth, the lawsuit claims that the pressure on her brain is causing a variety of health issues. The parents argue that her future medical expenses, which include the costs of multiple future surgeries, could reach as much as $12 million. The lawsuit also names the pharmacy that issued the prescription for allegedly failing to provide adequate warnings regarding potential side effects.

Unfortunately, medication errors such as prescribing drugs that could potentially harm an unborn child without providing adequate warnings to the child's parents can cause serious harm. Many people in Texas who have faced harm as a result of similar negligence have sought justice in a civil court just as this family has chosen to do. A successfully presented case could result in an award of damages that will ensure that victims will be able to afford necessary medical treatment and other care-related expenses. Consultation service from the Maloney attorneys is free. Contact us today to get started.

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