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Family Claims Hospital Negligence After Woman's Death

When a loved one is ill, family members in Texas expect that those providing medical care will work to determine an accurate diagnosis and treatment. As part of this, medical care personnel must listen to family members to get a better picture. One out-of-state man claims that the staff at the hospital treating his wife insisted that she was on drugs, potentially overlooking a serious infection causing her illness. The family is now requesting an investigation to determine whether the deceased woman was a victim of hospital negligence.

Paramedics were called to the scene of the woman's apartment. Her husband claims that she began screaming and crawling, prompting five paramedics to restrain her. When they arrived at the hospital, the woman's husband claims that a nurse insisted that the woman had smoked synthetic marijuana and began laughing about it with other workers.

The man asserts that his wife, to whom he had been married for 23 years, has never done drugs. He claims that an intensive care doctor was called to her room, but he declined to take her to the ICU claiming that she would not survive. A representative for the family claims that doctors and nurses may have missed an infection, specifically claiming that she may have been suffering from bacterial meningitis.

People who require hospital attention expect that personnel will seek out a diagnosis and provide appropriate care while also treating patients and family with dignity during such an emotionally difficult time. Unfortunately, hospital negligence happens all too often in Texas, leaving many families struggling both emotionally and financially. In order to ensure that hospitals are held accountable, many victims choose to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. A successfully presented case can help grieving families cope with the financial ramifications of their loss as well as potentially initiating changes that will protect future patients. Consultation service from Maloney Law is free. Contact us today to get started.

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