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Doctor Errors Lead to $30 Million Award

Most people in Texas trust their physicians. They believe that doctors have the knowledge and experience to protect them from further harm. While this is generally true, doctor errors could result in serious damage. For example, an out-of-state couple claims that their daughter suffered brain damage as a result of poor decisions made by an attending physician.

The mother, who reportedly arrived at the hospital in Sept. 2004 at 28 weeks pregnant, was concerned because she said the baby's movements had decreased. The hospital decided to admit her and monitor the child. For several hours, there were no issues, but the baby's heart rate soon dropped. The defendant doctor, who was on call at his home, was called but did not return to the hospital.

Approximately four hours later, the baby experienced a very low heart rate, and a Cesarean section was performed; however, the baby was not breathing when she was born. Although she was resuscitated, lack of oxygen caused serious brain damage. At 11 years old, she is blind, unable to talk or walk and requires a gastric tube for feeding and a tracheotomy to aid in breathing and the removal of lung secretions. The family claims that the doctor made several mistakes that lead to the child's physical condition. A jury has recently ruled in favor of the family, awarding them almost $30 million to cover past and future medical expenses, loss of earnings and pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, doctor errors happen too often in Texas and other states, leaving patients facing a lifetime of suffering and medical bills. In order to ensure that they will have proper care for the rest of their lives, many victims and their families file a medical malpractice lawsuit. In many cases, such litigation is one of the few options for victims to seek justice when injured as a result of negligence on behalf of a medical care provider. Consultation service from Maloney Law Group is free. Contact us today to get started.

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