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Lawsuit Cites Hospital Negligence as Cause of Woman's Death

When individuals in Texas takes a family member to a medical care facility, they place their faith in medical care personnel that appropriate care will be provided regardless of the patient's needs. While most medical workers are well-trained professionals committed to providing the best possible care for their patients, doctor and hospital negligence can easily have devastating consequences. One man has recently filed a lawsuit, claiming that such negligence was the cause of his wife's death.

According to the lawsuit, the man -- as the executor of his deceased wife's estate -- claims that the woman was admitted to the hospital in Oct. 2013. She was placed under the care of three doctors also included in the lawsuit. Unfortunately, she suffered a fall while a patient.

The plaintiff contends that the fall occurred because hospital staff failed to adequately restrain the woman. As a result, she suffered injuries to her face and head that caused bleeding in her brain. The plaintiff says this eventually led to her death.

While most hospitals in Texas provide the care that patients need, instances of hospital negligence can have serious consequences. For those suffering as a result, filing a medical malpractice lawsuit is an option that would allow individuals to have their concerns heard. In cases where negligence can be proved, patients -- or family members in the event of a fatality -- could be awarded damages that will allow them to cope with the financial harm such negligence causes, including funeral expenses, medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering, among others. Consultation service from Maloney Law Firm is free. Contact us today to get started.

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