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Man Argues Doctor Errors Led to Paralysis; Jury Agrees

In the aftermath of an accident causing severe injuries, Texas victims must deal with both their fear and pain. They place their faith in medical care providers to adequately diagnose and treat their injuries. Unfortunately, one out-of-state man claims that doctor errors ultimately led to his paralysis. A jury has recently agreed with the claims made by the patient and his wife.

According to reports, the man was injured in 2012 when a treetop weighing 500 pounds fell onto his back. While doctors attempted to x-ray his spine, the man claims that he was in too much pain to complete a full set of x-rays. The incomplete set did not reveal that he was suffering from a spinal fracture. After spending a few days in the hospital, he was sent home. Soon, however, he was flown to a different hospital for treatment.

Unfortunately, doctors discovered that he was permanently paralyzed from the chest down. A surgeon testified at the recent medical malpractice trial that the man's paralysis could have been prevented had he been properly diagnosed. The patient and his wife contend that conducting a CT scan would have revealed the injuries. A jury concurred with that reasoning. The man and his wife -- who is his caretaker -- were awarded $2.2 million for future and past pain and suffering.

In addition to resulting in an award of damages, it is highly likely that the medical malpractice lawsuit sparked by doctor errors has forced the hospital and its physicians to examine the way patients are treated. While the man and his wife receive a judgment in their favor, future patients will likely also benefit from the lawsuit. Unfortunately, many victims of medical malpractice in Texas may be unaware that they have options for legal recourse available to them. A conversation with an experienced attorney can help them better understand the options available to them. Consultation service from the Maloney lawyers is free. Contact us today to get started.

Source: Pennsylvania jury awards paralyzed logger's family $2.2 million in medical malpractice lawsuit