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Preventable Medical Harm: Are We in an Enduring Quagmire?

Most followers of medical-related news and developments in Texas and elsewhere know fully well that preventable medical harms inflicted upon patients in hospitals across the country spell a more than insignificant and passing problem.

Indeed, one recent analysis of the problem concluded that as many as 440,000 patients might be dying from medical errors every year.

That certainly breeds an obvious segue and this attendant question: Are things getting better?

Unfortunately, and as noted in a recent article on the subject, perusal of what various commentators are saying about the notable problem of serious and often fatal medical errors seems to simply reveal disparate opinions and conflicting conclusions.

Yes, things are improving, say some industry voices who point to a growing transparency that they contend has real traction and goes far toward stamping out the industry's long-tenured reticence regarding speaking out about shortcomings. More hospitals are openly acknowledging errors and facility infection rates, and patients are having progressively more access to relevant care data on public websites.

Many commentators who continue to excoriate the industry for its error rate do acknowledge the changes, but they state that they are insufficient.

"What we have is a system that feigns accountability," notes one safety advocate.

And some voices on both sides of the debate echo a concern that federal agencies tasked with industry oversight and regulatory authority are themselves catalysts that fuel the accountability problem and continuing errors that mark the medical field. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has especially drawn criticism.

Opinions may differ, but there is certainly a coalescing of views regarding the need that things must improve.

In fact, many people are simply incredulous that they haven't. The United States is as advanced as any country on earth, with its medical industry being flatly envied in many respects.

Notwithstanding that, reportedly many hundreds of thousands of patients continue to die each year from preventable medical errors that are inflicted upon them. Consultation service from the Maloney Team is free. Contact us today to get started.