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Family Claims Doctor Errors Caused Toddler's Death

No matter what the circumstances, the loss of a child is devastating to parents in Texas. Unfortunately, that loss is likely amplified when a child's death is completely preventable and caused by medical care providers who do not provide adequate care for a suffering child. One out-of-state family claims that doctor errors resulted in the death of their toddler.

The young child died in 2009. Reports indicate that the young child was suffering from gastroparesis, a stomach condition. Although her parents claim that her condition could have been treated by surgery, doctors failed to perform a potentially life-saving operation. Additionally, the parents claim that at one point, the young girl was discharged without any instructions regarding follow- up care. Ultimately, she suffered a gastric perforation which is believed to have caused her death.

In a recent four-week trial, a medical expert testified that the toddler's death was likely preventable. A jury has recently agreed, awarding the family $6.2 million. A representative for the defendants in the case, which included the doctor's employers, continue to deny any wrongdoing.

As a representative for the family has stated, a monetary award will likely do nothing to reduce the grief a family who has lost a loved one is experiencing. However, by holding negligent parties responsible for doctor errors, families in Texas could help prevent other patients from suffering in a similar manner. An experienced attorney can discuss litigation options with those suffering as a result of medical malpractice, helping victims make informed decisions about a case. Consultation service from Maloney Law Firm is free. Contact us today to get started.

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