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Hospital Negligence Led to Infection Lawsuit Claims

It is somewhat amazing to reflect on the impact certain practices have had on the long term well-being of medical patients. For example, it is likely difficult to estimate how many patients in Texas have been saved as a result of the emphasis placed on hand washing and the sterilization of medical instruments. A lawsuit filed in another state, which alleges hospital negligence led to a patient's infection, sheds some light on the potential implications of following protocols related to sterility.

The case involves a woman who required an intravenous catheter in order to treat her breast cancer. This catheter was reportedly placed in late June 2013. The patient claims that an employee of the defendant attempted to access the catheter with a needle. The employee was unable to do so, prompting the request for additional assistance from a different employee.

According to the lawsuit, the employee did not follow adequate sterilization procedures. As a result, the woman allegedly developed an infection and became septic. Because of the medical complications, she required additional hospitalization, and her cancer treatment was delayed.

Unfortunately, a mistake such as this can cause serious harm to a patient. While the need to properly sanitize before coming into contact with a patient is likely common knowledge for medical care professionals, hospital negligence such as this still occurs. Fortunately, there are legal options available to those in Texas who are suffering from such negligence. A successfully presented civil suit could result in an award of damages that will allow victims of medical malpractice to cope with any harm they have suffered. Consultation service from the Maloney attorneys is free. Contact us today to get started.

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