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Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Allege Numerous Doctor Errors

Medical care professionals in Texas and across the country have an obligation to their patients. They are obligated to provide appropriate care, including performing only necessary interventions and providing proper follow-up when an intervention is required. Unfortunately, multiple patients have filed lawsuits alleging doctor errors against an out-of-state cardiologist.

There are almost 300 plaintiffs in lawsuits involving the doctor, accusing him of implanted unneeded cardiac devices. The lawsuits also accuse the doctor of altering medical records so that the patients appeared to need the interventions. In some cases, a hospital and two other physicians are also named as defendants.

In addition to those lawsuits, one woman has recently filed a separate lawsuit, claiming that the doctor's negligence led to her husband's death. According to court papers, the defendant implanted a pacemaker into the woman's husband. However, she claims that the doctor did not ensure the defibrillator was in the correct position and also failed to adequately treat an infection that developed as a result of the surgery. The negligence, she claims, led to her husband's death at the age of 65.

While no one is perfect, doctor errors, including the use of unnecessary interventions and the failure to properly follow-up after an intervention, can have serious implications for patients. Many experience physical, emotional and financial hardship as a result. Fortunately, victims in Texas have the option of seeking recompense in a civil court. A successfully presented case could result in financial relief and also help ensure that others do not suffer similarly. Consultation service from the Maloney Attorneys is free. Contact us today to get started.