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Man Claims Doctor Errors Caused Paralysis; Jury Agrees

Millions of people are typically seen by medical care providers every day across the country. While some patients may suffer from a common cold, others have serious conditions -- conditions that necessitate immediate diagnosis and treatment. As many in Texas may be aware, doctor errors, including the failure to diagnose a disorder, can often have devastating consequences. One out-of-state man claims that he is now paralyzed as a result of such a mistake.

The man now suffers from paralysis from the chest down. He claims that his condition was caused by doctors who failed to diagnose an abscess in his spinal cord. According to the man and his wife, he went to the emergency room in June 2011 because of tingling in his arm and neck pain. He was initially treated by a cardiologist and kept overnight.

By the next morning, his condition had worsened. He was seen by a infectious-disease specialist who suspected a cervical epidural abscess. An MRI was conducted, but a consulting neurologist and radiologist read the results incorrectly, which resulted in a failure to diagnose the abscess. When he continued to deteriorate, he was transported to a different hospital where surgery was performed to remove the abscess. By that time, however, the man suffered serious injuries, resulting in paralysis from his chest down.

The man and his wife claim that had the MRI been correctly interpreted, his paralysis may have been prevented. A jury recently agreed with his claims, ordering an award of approximately $12 million. While this award will help the man with his ongoing medical expenses, it is also likely to raise awareness regarding the risk of such injuries, potentially preventing similar issues in the future. For those suffering as a result of doctor errors in Texas, a consultation with an experienced medical malpractice attorney could be the first step toward holding a health care provider responsible for mistakes that caused harm. Consultation service from Maloney Law Firm is free. Contact us today to get started.

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