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Family to Receive $275,000 in Hospital Negligence Case

Many public service announcements are designed to educate people in Texas about the warning signs of heart attacks. They emphasize the importance of early medical intervention. As a result, one out-of-state family was likely shocked when their family member was sent home from the hospital while displaying heart attack symptoms. The family has recently settled a medical malpractice lawsuit that alleged hospital negligence was a cause of the woman's subsequent death.

The woman reportedly began to experience chest pain in the days following a car accident. While hospital personnel began running tests to determine whether she was having a heart attack, the woman's family claims that she was sent home to wait for the results. Because test results apparently revealed that she was suffering from a heart attack, hospital staff allegedly attempted to contact the woman the following morning to request that she return to the hospital.

Unfortunately, family members claim that it was too late. It is believed that the woman had already passed away at her home. The hospital that treated the woman, Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University, admits no wrongdoing. Nevertheless, it has agreed to pay the family $275,000.

While the unexpected death of a loved one is always an emotional shock, many people are unprepared for the financial ramifications of the loss. It is often difficult for grieving family members to cope with funeral costs and medical expenses stemming from hospital negligence. As a result, many in Texas turn to the civil court for relief. While a successfully presented case could result in a monetary award, it could also potentially create awareness for the mistake, protecting future patients. Consultation service from the Maloney lawyers is free. Contact us today to get started.

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