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Man claims medication errors resulted in kidney failure

Because those who work in the medical care profession continue to learn more about what drugs to use to treat certain illnesses, many people in Texas are often able to live longer lives with a better quality of life. Unfortunately, if a person is prescribed the wrong medicine or given the wrong dosage, he or she could suffer serious harm. For example, one out-of-state man claims that medication errors caused his renal failure.

Family claims medication errors caused son's death

There are many families in Texas who are faced with an incredibly important decision -- whether to allow their child to take prescription medication in order to treat sensory processing disorders. One out-of-state family agonized over the decision but ultimately decided to proceed with the medication. Unfortunately, they now believe that medication errors made by the pharmacist led to the boy's death.

Jury rules doctor errors resulted in baby's death

While pregnancy is a time of excitement and anticipation, it can also be a time of anxiety for at-risk mothers. Some mothers in Texas who have certain disorders and are older could face complications for both themselves and their babies. While one out-of-state woman knew her pregnancy was risky, she claims she knew how to keep her baby safe. Unfortunately, she says that doctor errors led to the death of her unborn son.

Jury rules that medication errors caused woman's death

When people in Texas require medical treatment, they trust that the medical care facility will provide proper care. Unfortunately, some families learn that their loved one has suffered as a result of medical malpractice. In one out-of-state case, the family of a patient alleges that medication errors were fatal. A jury has recently awarded $20 million as a result.

Medication errors: Drug during pregnancy caused syndrome

For parents in Texas who are expecting a new child, there are multiple issues that cause them concern. However, most have faith that the physicians who treat them are aware of the potential consequences of certain medications during a pregnancy. Unfortunately, one out-of-state family claims that medication errors caused their child to suffer a medical condition that will have lifelong medical complications.

Study reveals medication errors for TB patients

While struggling with a serious disease, patients in Texas have to rely on their medical care providers to ensure they receive proper treatment. Without medical training, it may be difficult for a patient to recognize medication errors. However, a recent study looked at the prevalence of errors related to medication involving patients receiving antituberculosis drugs.

Medication errors can cause significant damage and even death

When a medical professional determines that you need a medication in order to treat an acute or chronic condition, the expectation is that the prescribed drug will be safe for you to take. Many prescription drugs have serious side effects, can adversely interact with other medications and cause debilitating allergic reactions. Medication errors can put you at risk of suffering significant harm. Sadly, some Texas residents die from issues with medications.

Medication errors resulted in brain damage

There is no doubt that everyone is capable of making mistakes. While a missed turn on the way to a new destination in Texas has relatively few repercussions, other mistakes can have extreme consequences.  For example, medication errors can have a serious impact on a person's life, as illustrated by the case of a man who is now suffering brain damage after a doctor administered the incorrect dosage of a medication commonly used to treat issues with a person's heart rhythm.

Man's renal failure caused by medication errors, lawsuit

Doctors in Texas need a great deal of knowledge in order to accurately treat a person's ailments. They must be aware of a patient's medical history and determine how a medication might interact with current prescriptions and existing medical conditions. Failure to do so could result in medication errors that have serious consequences on a person's life. For example, a woman claims in a recently filed lawsuit that her husband experienced renal failure due to an improper prescription.

Medication errors affected by pharmacist workload

Of all the people who are involved in a patient's care during a hospital stay in Texas, perhaps one of the most overlooked is the pharmacist. However, pharmacists fulfill many different roles. In addition to filling prescriptions, they must also counsel patients, interact with insurers as well as complete other job responsibilities. Unfortunately, a recent study appears to show that as a pharmacist's workload increases, so does the number of medication errors made.

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