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Lawsuit alleging doctor errors ends with $4.25 million settlement

It is amazing to think of how the advancements in medical treatments have improved the lives of people in Texas. Despite these advancements and the knowledge about certain pregnancy-related conditions, doctor errors can still have serious consequences for pregnant women and their unborn children. For example, a recent lawsuit claims that doctors' failure to monitor a pregnant woman's condition led to the deaths of her unborn twins.

Doctor errors cited in medical malpractice lawsuit

For many patients in Texas, a report of no masses detected on a mammogram is a relief. However, a recent out-of-state case may leave many patients wondering whether their results were accurately interpreted. A lawsuit recently filed by a deceased patient's husband claims that doctor errors in regard to a mammogram ultimately lead to a situation that made the patient's chance of surviving cancer impossible.

Electronic records cause doctor errors, other medical mistakes

Technology has increased in leaps and bounds over the course of the last two decades, especially in the medical field. In addition to the tools used to perform procedures and diagnose illnesses, many health care professionals in Texas are now using electronic records to track patient care. While there are many benefits to an electronic health record system, recent reports indicate that they could lead to doctor errors or other forms of medical malpractice.

Jury rules doctor errors caused man's death

Most people in Texas who require medical attention in the emergency room are likely aware that they may have to wait a significant period of time before seeing a doctor, depending on their symptoms. However, they expect that they will eventually receive a diagnosis and adequate treatment. Unfortunately, one out-of-state family claims that their loved one never received a diagnosis or treatment and claimed that doctor errors eventually led to the man's death.

Study of doctor errors used to reduced future mistakes

People who arrive in the emergency room in Texas are often scared and in pain, desperate for answers about their condition. Unfortunately, due to doctor errors and other forms of medical malpractice, some patients see no relief while the conditions of others worsen. While recent studies have discussed the prevalence of such negligence, some studies use data mining to examine medical malpractice lawsuits to better understand how it occurs and prevent it in the future.

Study reveals higher prevalence of fatal doctor errors

It is only human to make mistakes. Fortunately, many people in Texas who have erred are able to learn from their mistakes and take action to prevent repeating them. However, a recent study that looked at the number of deaths resulting from doctor errors argues that those in the medical profession are not learning from instances of medical malpractice, partially due to the lack of accurate data. The doctors who conducted the study are hoping that their results will bring about change.

Lawsuit claims doctor errors led to infertility

Many couples in Texas dream of the day in which they will be able to have children. Unfortunately, one couple's desire for children has been greatly complicated after they claim doctor errors left an out-of-state woman infertile. A jury has recently awarded the couple $1.8 million.

Legal action following Texas doctor errors, other negligence

Patients place a great deal of faith in their medical care providers. While patients expect doctors, nurses and other providers to be well-trained professionals who have up-to-date knowledge in their field or practice, it is also expected that hospitals and other facilities will provide safe conditions and strive to protect their patients. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and some patients experience great harm as a result of doctor errors. For such victims in Texas, the attorneys at Maloney Law Group, P.L.L.C., can help.

Lawsuit claims doctor errors caused man's death

When a loved one is ill, many people in Texas are willing to go to great lengths in order to help improve that person's health. For some, this could include undergoing a live organ donor procedure. One man decided to make this sacrifice to help his ill father. Unfortunately, a recently filed lawsuit claims that doctor errors ultimately cost the donor his life.

Jury rules doctor errors resulted in pain, lost wages

People in Texas who are facing a surgical procedure often feel a great deal of stress as a result. While almost all such procedures carry some degree of risk, there have been several patients who have suffered unnecessary harm as a result of negligence, specifically in the form of doctor errors. One out-of-state woman has recently won a lawsuit against her doctor, claiming that his actions failed to meet the accepted standard of care, ultimately resulting in additional surgeries.

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