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Things To Know Before Filing a Wrongful Death Claim In Texas

Often after the loss of a loved one, people are hurt, upset and confused. These feelings are magnified when it’s assumed wrongful death may be the reason behind their loss. It can be hard to determine what qualifies as wrongful death when it happens, here are some wrongful death facts to help you decide if this was the situation in your loved one’s death.

Wrongful death claim against VA facility

Many veterans in Texas struggle with health issues. They often seek help from U.S Veterans Affairs facilities to help cope with their issues, expecting that doctors will make decisions that are in their best interests. Unfortunately, a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the government as a result of care allegedly received at a VA facility in another state claims that doctors failed to provide such care.

Woman's death potentially case of wrongful death

A variety of different patients seek treatment at medical care facilities in Texas every day. The patients range in age, race and overall physical conditions. Regardless of these factors, however, all patients should be confident that they will receive quality medical care. Unfortunately, a recent lawsuit filed in another state claims that negligence on the part of medical personnel may potentially be a case of wrongful death after an elderly woman died.

Wrongful death lawsuit alleges death could have been prevented

Regardless of the type of medical intervention a patient in Texas needs, there is always some degree of risk involved. As a result, doctors must be especially concerned about complications arising from an invasive procedure, especially following a major surgery. Unfortunately, a recently filed wrongful death lawsuit alleges that a doctor did not take appropriate actions regarding a patient, resulting in his death.

Court upholds verdict in wrongful death case

Practicing medicine is not an exact science. However, patients in Texas and across the country should be able to expect that doctors take their concerns seriously and attempt to seek a proper diagnosis. Unfortunately, the family of one out-of-state man claims that their loved one died as a result of hospital negligence. A court ruled in their favor in the wrongful death lawsuit in 2012; that ruling has recently been upheld following an appeal.

Toddler's death a potential wrongful death case

It is common for people in Texas to be nervous about an impending dentist appointment. While this apprehension may have some validity, most people do not actually fear for their life while undergoing routine dental procedures. Unfortunately, the unthinkable has happened to one family when their young toddler died while reportedly undergoing such a procedure. The family may now be considering whether a wrongful death lawsuit is appropriate.

Husband claims wrongful death in wife's death

Hundreds of years ago, childbirth posed a significant risk to both the lives of the mother and child. While advances in medicine have made delivery safer, labor and delivery are not without risk. Texas patients, as well as their families, expect that their medical care providers will adequately diagnose and treat complications that arise from the birth of a child. Unfortunately, a recent wrongful death lawsuit filed out-of-state claims that the medical care team treating one woman failed to do so.

Wrongful death claim arises from alleged medical malpractice

The time before the birth of a child is typically a time of excitement for expectant mothers and fathers in Texas. Those in this situation anticipate that they will leave the hospital with their new family member in tow and begin adjusting to a new normal. Unfortunately, one out-of-state family has had to cope with the loss of the baby's mother in childbirth, allegedly as a result of medical malpractice. Because family members believe the claimed wrongful death resulted from negligence, they have since filed a lawsuit against the hospital and several medical care providers.

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