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Surgical Errors Archives

Surgical errors lead to additional surgery, lawsuit says

For many, undergoing surgery is a stressful situation. However, it is necessary for some patients in Texas to do so in order to protect and promote their health. Perhaps an added stressor of facing such a procedure is the concern of becoming a victim of surgical errors -- an issue that occurs far too often. For example, one out-of-state woman claims that she had to undergo an additional procedure on the same day because doctors removed the wrong rib.

Lawsuit claims surgical errors resulted in additional surgeries

For many people in Texas, college is a time of physical activity. Many college students devote some of their time to their chosen sport. Unfortunately, one out-of-state student claims that surgery following an injury has prevented her from enjoying the sports that she loves. In fact, her parents argue that surgical errors could have been fatal.

Family claims negligence, surgical errors led to brain damage

When a couple in Texas learn a baby is on the way, the soon-to-be parents have the expectation that after delivery they will return home with a healthy child. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Many children are born with medical conditions that require treatment. The hope is that treatment will improve a child's health, but one out-of-state family claims that surgical errors and other negligence actually worsened one child's condition, causing cerebral palsy and brain damage.

Medical hierarchy can spur problematic patient outcomes

You'd think that hospitals, while being occasionally tense places, would generally be bastions of calmness, right? Wouldn't that logically be the case, given the need for highly trained professionals to routinely act in a manner that best promotes optimal outcomes for ill and injured patients?

Can a hospital keep a surgical mistake a secret?

The Leapfrog Group is a national nonprofit advocacy organization focused upon medical improvements and patient safety. Leapfrog spokespersons occasionally release information to the public that is purposefully intended to grab attention and foster strong reform-minded debate.

Notable medical topic: using independent contractors in surgery

Although the following subject matter is based on an unfortunate outcome that occurred at a medical facility and can thus be reasonably categorized as a news-based event, it can also be meaningfully seen in a larger sense as a medical industry topic of broad scope.

Admitting medical mistakes: Does that need to be applauded?

It is far from a well-kept secret that medical personnel and facility administrators are often highly averse to admitting medical error, much less proactively divulging the details regarding mistakes leading to patient harm to the general public.

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