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June 2016 Archives

Jury rules doctor errors caused man's death

Most people in Texas who require medical attention in the emergency room are likely aware that they may have to wait a significant period of time before seeing a doctor, depending on their symptoms. However, they expect that they will eventually receive a diagnosis and adequate treatment. Unfortunately, one out-of-state family claims that their loved one never received a diagnosis or treatment and claimed that doctor errors eventually led to the man's death.

Family claims medication errors caused son's death

There are many families in Texas who are faced with an incredibly important decision -- whether to allow their child to take prescription medication in order to treat sensory processing disorders. One out-of-state family agonized over the decision but ultimately decided to proceed with the medication. Unfortunately, they now believe that medication errors made by the pharmacist led to the boy's death.

Jury rules doctor errors resulted in baby's death

While pregnancy is a time of excitement and anticipation, it can also be a time of anxiety for at-risk mothers. Some mothers in Texas who have certain disorders and are older could face complications for both themselves and their babies. While one out-of-state woman knew her pregnancy was risky, she claims she knew how to keep her baby safe. Unfortunately, she says that doctor errors led to the death of her unborn son.

Hospital negligence: Hospital worker accused of needle swap

When a patient in Texas undergoes a surgical procedure, they expect that sterile instruments will be used on them and that any medical objects used will not cause them further harm. However, thousands of out-of-state patients are likely questioning whether their hospital did enough to ensure their safety after a surgical technician was arrested. In what could ultimately lead to accusations of hospital negligence, the employee is suspected of stealing syringes of drugs and swapping needles. He has recently tested positive for HIV.

Jury rules that medication errors caused woman's death

When people in Texas require medical treatment, they trust that the medical care facility will provide proper care. Unfortunately, some families learn that their loved one has suffered as a result of medical malpractice. In one out-of-state case, the family of a patient alleges that medication errors were fatal. A jury has recently awarded $20 million as a result.

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