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January 2016 Archives

Study reveals medication errors for TB patients

While struggling with a serious disease, patients in Texas have to rely on their medical care providers to ensure they receive proper treatment. Without medical training, it may be difficult for a patient to recognize medication errors. However, a recent study looked at the prevalence of errors related to medication involving patients receiving antituberculosis drugs.

Appellate court decision reinstates hospital negligence lawsuit

Few things are more stressful than long-term hospitalization due to ongoing health problems. Knowing that that they are receiving quality medical care provides some degree of solace to those in such situations in Texas. Unfortunately, one out-of-state woman claims that hospital negligence and doctor errors ultimately caused her significant harm when she was hospitalized.

Man claims hospital negligence led to failure to diagnose

People in Texas and across the country choose to engage in activities that combine expending a great deal of exertion with entertainment. These people accept that there may be a certain degree of risk involved. They should be able to expect, however, that if they are injured while engaging in recreational activities, medical care providers will accurately and efficiently diagnose and treat their injuries. Unfortunately, a recent out-of-state lawsuit claims that a man injured while skiing was a victim of hospital negligence.

Lawsuit claims hospital negligence led to infection

People in Texas and globally who have undergone an organ transplant require special care. These patients trust that the facilities in which they are being treated are aware of the proper protocols to help protect them while their immune system is compromised. However, one man claims that hospital negligence actually caused him to develop an infection after he underwent a double lung transplant.

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