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December 2015 Archives

Lawsuit claims doctor errors led to permanent damage; jury agrees

Each person's body reacts differently to an injury. If a complication arises, symptoms of that complication may not present the same in each person. As a result, doctors in Texas must be prepared to look for all possibilities when it comes to patients in their care. One man and his wife claim that the doctor treating him after an injury failed to diagnose his condition. These doctor errors, a lawsuit claims, ultimately led to permanent damage.

Doctor errors lead to hysterectomy, lawsuit claims

Doctors and patients in Texas must be able to have an open dialogue about their hopes and goals for treatment. Once medical care personnel understand how a patient wants to address a medical issue, it is important that those wishes are met unless a medical necessity prevents their success. One out-of-state woman and her husband claims that doctor errors, including the completion of unwanted procedures, ultimately caused the woman to have a hysterectomy.

Texas legal help following hospital negligence

A hospital stay or procedure taking place in a hospital can often create anxiety for patients. Patients and their families in Texas should be able to trust that their medical care providers at such facilities will provide care that is appropriate to their medical needs. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, and many patients ultimately suffer as a result of hospital negligence.

Medical malpractice lawsuits allege numerous doctor errors

Medical care professionals in Texas and across the country have an obligation to their patients. They are obligated to provide appropriate care, including performing only necessary interventions and providing proper follow-up when an intervention is required. Unfortunately, multiple patients have filed lawsuits alleging  doctor errors against an out-of-state cardiologist.

Medication errors can cause significant damage and even death

When a medical professional determines that you need a medication in order to treat an acute or chronic condition, the expectation is that the prescribed drug will be safe for you to take. Many prescription drugs have serious side effects, can adversely interact with other medications and cause debilitating allergic reactions. Medication errors can put you at risk of suffering significant harm. Sadly, some Texas residents die from issues with medications.

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