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November 2015 Archives

Lawsuit claims hospital negligence led to infection

It is somewhat amazing to reflect on the impact certain practices have had on the long term well-being of medical patients. For example, it is likely difficult to estimate how many patients in Texas have been saved as a result of the emphasis placed on hand washing and the sterilization of medical instruments. A lawsuit filed in another state, which alleges hospital negligence led to a patient's infection, sheds some light on the potential implications of following protocols related to sterility.

Husband claims wrongful death in wife's death

Hundreds of years ago, childbirth posed a significant risk to both the lives of the mother and child. While advances in medicine have made delivery safer, labor and delivery are not without risk. Texas patients, as well as their families, expect that their medical care providers will adequately diagnose and treat complications that arise from the birth of a child. Unfortunately, a recent wrongful death lawsuit filed out-of-state claims that the medical care team treating one woman failed to do so.

Man argues doctor errors led to paralysis; jury agrees

In the aftermath of an accident causing severe injuries, Texas victims must deal with both their fear and pain. They place their faith in medical care providers to adequately diagnose and treat their injuries. Unfortunately, one out-of-state man claims that doctor errors ultimately led to his paralysis. A jury has recently agreed with the claims made by the patient and his wife.

Medication errors resulted in brain damage

There is no doubt that everyone is capable of making mistakes. While a missed turn on the way to a new destination in Texas has relatively few repercussions, other mistakes can have extreme consequences.  For example, medication errors can have a serious impact on a person's life, as illustrated by the case of a man who is now suffering brain damage after a doctor administered the incorrect dosage of a medication commonly used to treat issues with a person's heart rhythm.

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