Did Talcum Powder Cause Ovarian Cancer For You Or A Loved One?

Talcum powder is a common household product (typically known as baby powder) used for personal hygiene and cosmetic purposes. For decades, people have made it a staple in their medicine cabinets, helping to reduce diaper rash, eliminate skin moisture and more.

Unfortunately, talcum powder manufacturers have not always been transparent about the consequences of using the product. Talcum powder has now been linked to increased risks of ovarian cancer — something that consumers should have been warned of when it was put on the market.

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How Do I Know If Talcum Powder Caused My Ovarian Cancer?

Every case is different. There is no way to clearly draw a line between your medical condition and your use of talcum powder without a thorough investigation. You are well advised to have your case analyzed by an experienced attorney if you were a regular consumer of talcum powder but were not informed of any cancer risk.

Developing a case for compensation will require a record of your talcum powder use, a record of the manufacturer's or distributor's consumer warning labels and the scientific connection between talcum powder and ovarian cancer.

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