Has Hypoxia Changed Your Child's Life?

Infant distress or fetal distress can easily lead to serious complications in a child's long-term development. Oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) is one way a child can experience distress that sometimes leads to life-altering disabilities and brain damage.

If hypoxia occurred before, during or after delivery, you may have a medical malpractice claim. It all depends on how your doctor and medical care staff involved in the labor process responded to signs of complications.

We Can Handle The Complexity Of Your Case

At the Maloney Law Group, we understand the complex nature of medical malpractice claims — particularly those involving birth injuries. Success in these personal injury cases requires knowledge of medical procedures, hospital safety protocols, the injuries themselves and the legal processes that can make or break your case.

If treated properly, babies can often recover from hypoxia without permanent disability. Medical advancements have made it possible for hypoxia to be identified quickly in many cases. Failure to identify fetal distress is often the result of medical negligence. Our job as a medical malpractice law firm is to:

  • Gather thorough evidence of what procedures were followed (or not followed) in the delivery room
  • Work with experts in the field to determine if the doctor's actions reflected what other reasonable and experienced doctors would have done
  • Connect the dots between your child's injury and the actions that were taken (or not taken) in the delivery room
  • Evaluate the long-term physical and financial consequences of your child's injury

Our San Antonio firm offers more than 30 years of experience, helping injury victims recover the financial support they need and deserve after negligence or wrongdoing changed their lives. Your compensation should reflect the cost of medical treatments for injury and the long-term consequences of those injuries.

Let attorney Michael Maloney help you through this difficult time. He is board-certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in personal injury trial law, and has been since 1988. He guides our firm with a commitment to excellence and results for clients throughout Texas.

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