Experience To Handle Your Commercial Vehicle Accident Case

Any motor vehicle accident can result in devastating injuries. Commercial vehicle accidents, however, are set apart in their severity. Many involve heavy machinery, hazardous materials and otherwise large vehicles that can do significant damage even in relatively minor, low-speed crashes.

Recovering compensation is also made more complex by the various parties interested in these claims. Depending upon your case, you may end up dealing with equipment manufacturers, employers, professional drivers and safety specialists.

Exceptional Counsel To Help Crash Victims Recover

Our job at the Maloney Law Group is to simplify this process for you, guide you down the right path to compensation and ultimately ensure the compensation you receive reflects the full scope of injuries you have suffered in a commercial vehicle or auto accident.

We can investigate accident causes and liability as it relates to:

  • Commercial vehicle drivers who have not been properly trained
  • Equipment that has not been regularly inspected and maintained
  • Faulty equipment that has not been promptly repaired
  • Drivers who have not been given adequate break time (contributing to driver fatigue and accidents caused by driver error)

Do not accept a settlement, make statements to insurance companies or otherwise jeopardize the compensation you are owed by being uninformed of your rights and your options. Contact our office and arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer.

With more than 30 years of experience in law, attorney Michael Maloney has the skill to take on tough opponents in personal injury cases. He has been board-certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in personal injury trial law since 1988.

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